'We don't hate Afrikaans'- Lesufi

A Gauteng Education consultative meeting has brought thousands of educators, school governing body members and pupils together in one room. The aim is to create a roadmap for education in the province for the next five years. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi says he has nothing against Afrikaans but schools calling for only one language of instruction aren't viable.

Lesufi says demographics have changed and having various languages can build a non-racial society.

“We really believe that our draft discussion document says let's respect all languages. We don't hate Afrikaans, what we are saying is every language, if parents wants their children to be taught in a mother tongue like Afrikaans let's give them that. But to say the entire school if it's not fully utilised must only be Afrikaans speaking learners that can't be true,” he said.

WATCH: Lesufi outlines Gauteng's education roadmap

“...That's how you build a non-racial society, we must not be scared to build a non-racial society acceptable to all. But if people want to hide behind a broomstick and say we speak this language, we need our own school, teachers, resources, we are defeating the foundation of this country of building a true non-racial South Africa where our children can play together, dance together and learn together.”

Lesufi has sent a stern warning following violence in Gauteng schools.

He said the department will be working with police in schools.