Magashule: We're not crooks

ANC General Secretary Ace Magashule has vehemently denied investigative journalist, Pieter-Louis Myburgh's allegations.

JOHANNESBURG - ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule has dismissed Journalist Pieter-Louis Myburgh's book Gangster State: Unravelling Ace Magashule's Web of Capture as "simple lies".

"We have not denied anything, because we have nothing to hide. We are not crooks. I have not actually taken a cent from anybody, but the public must judge me and they must judge the writer of the book and whoever his sources are, because sources quoted there are false, fabricated stories [sic]."

He says he'll approach the courts to clear his name. 

In the book, Myburgh places Magashule at the centre of alleged corrupt activities during his time as Free State Premier.

The journalist claims former Mangaung Mayor Thabo Manyoni spoke to him on the record about how Magashule drove with him to his meeting with the Guptas.

Magashule has denied the allegations.

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In an interview with eNCA's Samkele Maseko, Magashule said Myburgh should appear before a court of law and explain these claims and how he was running the Free State.

"In South Africa, I'm not fake. In the history of the struggle, I'm not fake. Things will be exposed in a court of law because these are simple lies," Magashule said.

Magashule says he never spoke to Atul Gupta.

"People who have gone to the Guptas must come out themselves. They shouldn't hide and say I took them to the Guptas, when they have been going to the Guptas many times themselves."

Magashule acknowledged that he knew the Guptas, and was introduced to them "during the era of Thabo Mbeki.

He said several politicians, including those from opposition parties, have met the Guptas in the past.