What is Stage 6 load-shedding?

Eskom has moved from stage 4 to stage 6 load-shedding. South Africans have been warned that power outages will continue this week. We spoke to Eskom COO, Jan Oberholzer. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom on Monday announced that it was moving load-shedding to stage 6.

Eskom says heavy rainfall and a problem at Medupi Power Station contributed to stage 6.

UPDATE: Load-shedding moves to stage 6

“We remind and assure customers that load-shedding at stage 6 is no cause for alarm as the system is being effectively controlled. Stage 6, requires 6000MW to be rotationally load-shed,” said Eskom.

Eskom chief operating officer, Jan Oberholzer said stage 6 will likely last until 11pm.

Oberholzer explained what stage 6 means.

“Let's take a customer in a certain suburb. It means that you may experience load-shedding for more than one or two times during the day and it may be for different times or it may be exactly the same time. So it depends on which redistributor area you are because they have a block model and they actually apply the way they seem fit,” said Oberholzer.

“It actually means you gonna be without power for maybe more than one or two times per day and for an hour or two,” he said.

Oberholzer said due to flooding, Eskom lost 4000MW alone in Mpumalanga.

LOAD-SHEDDING: Schedules, info, and how it affects you

He added that Eskom's emergency team will be monitoring the situation.

Meanwhile, Eskom is expecting load-shedding for the rest of the week.

“The outlook at this point in time is that definitely still this week. We foresee load-shedding.”