What world leaders had to say on Mugabe's passing

Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe wasn't known for mincing his words. Courtesy #DStv403

HARARE - Several countries hailed Zimbabwe's late ex-president Robert Mugabe on Friday as a liberation hero -- though his fierce critic, former colonial power Britain, recalled the suffering and repression of his rule.

Here is a selection of top world reactions to his death.

- Nigeria: 'founding father' -

Mugabe "fought for the independence of the country from colonial rule, and lived most of his life in public service," said President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, hailing him as the "founding father" of a nation.

"Mugabe's sacrifices, especially in struggling for the political and economic emancipation of his people, will always be remembered by posterity."

- Kenya: 'end of an era' -

"We will remember former President Mugabe as a man of courage who was never afraid to fight for what he believed in even when it was not popular," said Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mwai Kibaki, Kenyan president from 2002 to 2013, said Mugabe's death "marks the end of an era in Africa. It closes the chapter of Africa's founding presidents whose commitment to the emancipation of the people of Africa remains enduringly remarkable."

- US: 'betrayed his people's hopes' -

The United States on Friday blamed Robert Mugabe for impoverishing Zimbabwe and said he "betrayed his people's hopes," following the guerrilla-turned-strongman's death at age 95.

The State Department in a brief statement extended condolences to anyone in mourning but sharply criticized the 37-year rule of Mugabe.

"Robert Mugabe helped liberate Zimbabwe, but his human rights abuses and gross economic mismanagement impoverished millions and betrayed his people's hopes for their nation," State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said.

"We continue to support the aspirations of the Zimbabwean people for a better, more prosperous future," she said.

- China: 'outstanding leader' -

"Mugabe was an outstanding national liberation movement leader and politician of Zimbabwe," said Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang.

"Throughout his life, he has firmly defended the sovereignty of his country, opposed foreign interference, and actively promoted China-Zimbabwe and China-Africa friendship and cooperation."

- Russia: 'great contribution' -

"Many important dates in Zimbabwe's modern history are tied to the name of Robert Mugabe. He made a great personal contribution to the battle for your country's independence, to the building of Zimbabwean state institutions," Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

- UK: 'Zimbabweans suffered' -

"We express our condolences to those who mourn Robert Mugabe's death. However, Zimbabweans suffered for too long as a result of Mugabe's autocratic role," Britain's foreign ministry said in a statement.

- Namibia: 'tenacious fighter' -

In Namibia, which cast off South African rule in 1990, a decade after Zimbabwe won independence from Britain, President Hage Geingob hailed Mugabe as a warrior.

"Comrade Robert Mugabe (was) an outstanding revolutionary, a tenacious freedom fighter and dedicated Pan Africanist... President Mugabe made enormous sacrifices in the struggle against injustice and the liberation of Southern Africa from racist subjugation and colonial oppression."

- Tanzania: 'brave, determined' -

Tanzania's President John Magufuli tweeted in Swahili: "Africa loses a brave, determined leader, an Africanist who turned the rejection of colonisation into action. May God let his soul rest in peace."

- Zambia: place in history -

"He will be remembered for his fight for Africa's liberation and fearlessly defending the continent. His place in the annals of Africa's history is assured," said Zambia's President Edgar Lungu on Twitter.

- EU: democratic future -

"The EU will continue to stand by Zimbabwe and its people, to support reconciliation and to help ensure a united, prosperous, secure a democratic future for all Zimbabweans," a statement said.


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