Ceres wind farm ready to come online

A wind farm in Ceres is on the brink of providing renewable energy to the national grid. Courtesy of #DStv403

CERES - A wind farm in Ceres is on the brink of providing renewable energy to the national grid.

It's one of 27 independent power producers signed on by government two years ago.

Situated north-east of Ceres, Perdekraal East wind farm has been under construction since mid-2018.

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Over 400 abnormal loads transported locally-produced components to build 150m high structures.

The 48 turbines will generate up to 110 megawatts of electricity -- enough to power 111,000 households.

The farm will emit zero carbon emissions and use no water in the generation of power.

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Construction programme manager Christo Loots explained, "the towers specifically were manufactured locally as well as the power transformers installed at the substations. Normally those components would have to be imported. This gives local manufacturers a chance to get into the market where they couldn't have done it before."

The lockdown set the project back by 50 days, but it hopes to be on stream within the next two to three weeks.

It will sell power to Eskom for the next 20 years.

Loots said, "we've done the compliance tests, to prove we are compliant with putting energy into the grid. We are really only doing the last bits of testing and checks and balances."

The final checks are done and if all goes according to plan Perdekraal East will be the first wind farm in the country to become commercially operational under Bid Window 4.

It sets the stage for government to issue another round of requests for proposals.