Women in mining protest challenges

Women Affected by Mining United in Action staged protests in different mining towns to highlight what they describe as injustices at the hands of mining companies and government. Francina Nkosi, Acting Convener at the union spoke to Masego Rahlaga Courtesy #DStv403



JOHANNESBURG - Women say they will no longer put up with mining companies excluding them.

They’ve been protesting in mining towns in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and others to highlight the injustices they face.

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They want more women hired by mining groups.

Francina Nkosi from the Women Affected by Mining, United in Action group said women in mining areas are affected by issues such as gender-based violence, poor infrastructure, and are isolated in peri-urban and rural areas without access to critical services.

Nkosi said mining companies in some areas also have hiring practices that favour men.

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