Woolworths to meet woman accusing it of stealing her idea

The creator of the baby carrier has accused Woolworths of copying her idea.

Website / Ubuntu Baba

JOHANNESBURG - Retail company Woolworths will meet with the businesswoman who has accused the company of copying her design of a baby carrier.

In a statement, the company said they are aware of the allegation and have scheduled a meeting with Shannon McLaughlin on Wednesday in order to discuss the matter further.

“We are taking this allegation extremely seriously and believe it wouldn’t be appropriate to discuss the issue publicly before chatting to Ubuntu Baba first. We have a meeting scheduled with Shannon tomorrow to discuss the matter.”

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McLaughlin said she found out last month that the company had copied the design of her baby carrier which was launched four years ago.

"At first glance, it looks like they’ve just used my product name ‘Stage 1’ and ‘Stage 2’ baby carrier. On closer inspection, I realize that they’re using the exact same colours, grey and navy to my baby carrier."


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