Baleka Mbete: I didn't know corruption was so bad

In this episode of Head to Head, Mehdi Hasan challenges African National Congress (ANC) stalwart Baleka Mbete on whether, in the 25 years since apartheid, her party has betrayed Nelson Mandela's legacy and the dreams of South Africa's rainbow nation.

JOHANNESBURG - ANC stalwart and former National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete says she didn't realise how bad corruption was in South Africa when she was in parliament.

Mbete appeared on an episode of Head to Head to discuss whether the ANC has betrayed Nelson Mandela's legacy since the dawn of democracy in 1994.

Responding to the World Bank's assessment of South Africa being "the most unequal nation on earth", Mbete said the assessment is harsh.

"I must say it is very harsh, but I wonder whether it is not an exaggeration. I really think that we must see both good and bad. The World Bank is not God.

"We must keep improving on what we discover is a weakness that we have."

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Mbete said she wasn't aware how bad corruption was in South Africa, when she was the speaker of parliament, but is glad it is being discussed in public now. 

"Things were not happening in full view of everybody. There are many issues I'm learning for the first time, in the past few months, in terms of how bad things were." 

Following a series of hard-hitting questions from Hasan about the country's economic and political challenges, Mbete was then quizzed by an audience member regarding the deaths of miners during the Marikana massacre in 2016.

Mbete said she did not have enough information on who was held accountable for the massacre.

"I will find out," said Mbete. "I will get myself better informed... I am just saying I have to update my information. 

I am not sure about that and that is why I must find out".