World Medical Association rallies behind Semenya

web_photo_Caster Semenya_27082017

File: Double Olympic 800-metres champion Caster Semenya.

JOHANNESBURG -  The World Medical Association has urged all physicians around the world to not take part in implementing new eligibility regulations for classifying female athletes.

The announcement comes just two days after the Court of Arbitration for Sport supporting IAAF’s decision to implement new rules on testosterone levels.

IAAF contended that Double Olympic 800-metres champion Caster Semenya and other female athletes that are classed as having differences in sexual development (DSDs) gain an unfair advantage due to their higher testosterone levels, but only in races between 400 and 1,000-metres.

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 “We have strong reservations about the ethical validity of these regulations. They are based on weak evidence from a single study, which is currently being widely debated by the scientific community.

They are also contrary to a number of key WMA ethical statements and declarations, and as such we are calling for their immediate withdrawal,” WMA President Dr Leonid Eidelman said in a statement. 

Semenya's legal team is reviewing the IAAF's ruling

In the meantime, she's being asked to either risk her health or give up her passion.