WATCH: Zille insists she's eligible for DA top position

It's open season in the DA as the fight for the soul of the party heats up. But Helen Zille may not even be eligible to be elected to any position in the party. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille is adamant she's eligible to be elected in any position in the party.

Zille is gunning for the position of Federal Chairperson in the party.

WATCH: DA leadership battle intensifies

The former Western Cape premier has described reports about the party seeking legal advice on her return, as a strange move.

“I am a member in good standing and I have been very active in the party in the last year on the sidelines,” Zille said.

“There’s nothing illegal about me standing up again, most certainly there’s no agreement that prevents that, it’s a very strange move but I am not taking it too seriously.

“I’m back because I was asked to. I think I can bring unity and stability to the party. I think the party is suffering very much at the moment. It’s a party I have invested my whole life into. South Africa’s democracy depends on the DA succeeding. I really would like to put every effort I can into it again.”

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Zille, who led the party from 2007-2015, says she is not interested in being the leader of the party.

She says under her leadership the black vote grew.

“The DA’s black vote grew under my leadership,” Zille said. “People must just watch the results I have had in the past."