Zimbabwe may be plunged into total darkness

Zim also owes millions to Mozambique, for electricity used over the past couple of years. #Dstv403

JOHANNESBURG - Zimbabwe risks being plunged into total darkness.

The state-owned power utility is struggling to pay a debt of more than US$40million - over R580m to Eskom.

It also owes millions to Mozambique.

This is for electricity borrowed in the past few years.

Zimbabwe is experiencing 19 hours of load shedding a day.

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A situation that's left most industries closed and people struggling with their daily lives.

Speaking to journalists in the capital Harare, the Zimbabwe energy minister, Fortune Chasi has said in addition to the debt to Eskom, millions are also owed to Mozambique's power utility, HCB.

“As it is at the moment we owe HCB and Eskom US$83million, very huge amount of money,” said Chasi.

Chasi says the nation should itself brace for hard times as the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority is in shambles due to domestic and foreign debt.

The minister admits the situation is critical and is asking for the nation's support.

Zimbabwe last experienced such serious electricity blackouts in 2016 following a drought.


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