Zimbabwean journalist released after detention

Activists are condemning the detention of Zimbabwean journalist Zenzele Ndebele.

BULAWAYO - Zimbabwean journalist Zenzele Ndebele has been released from detention after what activists are calling an unfair arrest.

He was arrested during a meeting between civil society organisations and President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday.

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Ndebele was accused of contravening a law prohibiting the possession of dangerous weapons at public gatherings after used canisters of teargas were found in his car.

He had seen police fire tear gas canisters in residential areas and picked them up from the street.

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The charges against him were dropped.

"It beats logic that a used canister and an empty cartridge could be defined as dangerous weapons, if weapons at all," Bulawayo magistrate Franklin Mkwananzi was quoted as saying.

"It also defies logic that a person who complied with a search of his vehicle and having items removed from it could be charged with criminal nuisance," he stated.


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