WATCH: Zondi addresses judge Makaula’s recusal

Cheryl Zondi hosted a press conference talking about the Omotoso case and the recusal of the judge and a new judge being appointed. 

JOHANNESBURG - The first witness in the Timothy Omotoso rape trial, Cheryl Zondi addressed the media on her views after Judge Mandela Makaula’s recusal from the trial.

She said National Prosecuting Authority has not reached out to her on what recusal means.

Zondi said she learned through the media that she will be testifying again.

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The 22-year-old will have to face Omotoso again and retell the details of her alleged rape.

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During her testimony at the start of the trial, Zondi faced a bombardment of tough questions from Omotoso’s lawyer  Peter Daubermann.

The Nigerian televangelist faces 63 main charges and 34 alternative counts, which include human trafficking and rape.