Zuma backs under fire mayor Zandile Gumede

Embattled eThekwini Mayor, Zandile Gumede has spoken for the first since her court appearance in the Durban Commercial Crimes Court over fraud charges.

JOHANNESBURG - Former President Jacob Zuma has pleadge his support for embattled eThekwini Mayor, Zandile Gumede.

Zuma tweeted, "I shall show Comrade Zandile Gumede the same support that she has shown me for the past decade. Be strong my Leader, this too shall pass".



He said he hoped the case against Gumede "was not political".

Gumede faces corruption-related charges, including that of fraud.

This in connection with the awarding of a rand waste tender to the value of R208-million.

She has been released on bail following her brief appearance in the Durban Commercial Crimes Court.

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On Sunday, Gumede met with ANC provincial structures. She told eNCA that her job is safe for now.

"I'm so fortunate that I'm one of the leaders of this glorious movement of which everything is done through protocols. Today we had a good meeting with officials and they want to understand what happened," said Gumede.

Asked whether she has been sacked?

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Gumede replied; "No, there's no such thing... as media you must learn to take from the horse’s mouth as you're doing today. For now, I've met with leaders and I went to court and then that's it".

Gumede is expected back at court in August.