Zuma delays corruption trial with appeal

JOHANNESBURG - Former president Jacob Zuma's filed court papers to appeal a judgment that he stand trial on corruption charges.

The KwaZulu-Natal High Court rejected Zuma's bid for a permanent stay of prosecution.

The application for leave to appeal will be heard later this month.

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Zuma's facing a string of charges including fraud, corruption and racketeering.

He allegedly took bribes during the 1990s arms deal.

Prosecution spokeswoman Natasha Kara told AFP: "I can confirm that Mr Zuma has indeed filed the application for leave to appeal on Friday."

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That was the last day on which Zuma could have appealed a court rejection of his request to have the charges dismissed.

The former president and arms company Thales are denying the charges.

Zuma has dismissed the case as a "witch hunt".

The case was postponed to 4 February next year.

- Additional reporting AFP


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