Zuma drops names, makes huge claims at state capture inquiry

Conspiracy and character assassination. Former President Jacob Zuma tells the State Capture Inquiry of a sustained campaign to get rid of him. #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Former president Jacob Zuma dropped big names at the state capture inquiry and even bigger claims.

From ex-minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi to Journalist Redi Tlhabi, Zuma says many are gunning for him.

The former president even suggested that he survived many attempts to have him killed.

He says he has not spoken about these events in the past, but now he has been provoked to the last degree.

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"They planned to murder me, in a stadium in KZN. What saved my life is that I didn't go there. There have been people sent from outside SA to come and kill me. But I have been patient not saying a thing. I have now been provoked to the last degree."

"I have survived attempts to kill me. People looking to poison me, being instructed by their handlers to do so. It all emanates from the people who made that plan to get rid of me from the beginning. Many attempts were made."

Zuma said there is a film in development about the rape case in which he was found not guilty.

He says that journalist Redi Tlhabi is behind it.

"There is a journalist doing that one, Redi Thlabi is being done to says Zuma is a rapist. She’s been doing it in the media where she works. Because this narrative must be done, I ask myself, these people where do they get this idea that Zuma must be done, who instructs them."

Redi Thlabi has laughed off these accusations, saying she’s never thought of venturing into film making.

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Meanwhile, Former Mineral Resources Minister, Ngoako Ramatlhodi denied Zuma's claim that he was an apartheid government spy. 

Ramatlhodi says Zuma himself is a spy.

Zuma told the Zondo Commission that Ramatlhodi, who accused Zuma of auctioning the country to the Gupta family, was an apartheid spy.

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"What made Ngoako behave the way he did here, saying we have auctioned the country, in the NEC I just do what I like, He's carrying out an instruction. He was recruited when he was a student in Lesotho to be a spy."

Ramatlhodi says he's willing to take a lie detector test and wants Zuma to do the same.

Ramatlhodi directly implicated Zuma in state capture during his testimony. 


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