Zuma's lawyer disappointed after court issues arrest warrant

JOHANNESBURG - Jacob Zuma's lawyer is shocked that an arrest warrant has been issued for the former president.

He's facing corruption charges linked to the multi-billion rand arms deal.

The judge has stayed the warrant until the trial resumes in May.

This means Zuma - who's in hospital in Cuba - won't be arrested for failing to appear in court on Tuesday.

Zuma's lawyer Daniel Mantsha said, "we are very disappointed that a court of law would disregard the medical certificate from the military hospital and doubt the integrity of that document and then decide that there was no evidence that president Zuma is unwell.

Zuma's fraud and corruption case has been postponed to 6 May.

He will have to present his official medical records, show up in court or face jail time.

The former president's health status has featured prominently in his fraud and corruption case.


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