The ANC must clean house


File: Supporters of the African National Congress (ANC) attend celebrations for South Africa's president 75th birthday on April 12, 2017 in Kliptown, Soweto.

JOHANNESBURG – As the African National Congress (ANC) prepares for its National Policy Conference from Friday, Political analyst Karima Brown says the alleged influence of the controversial Gupta family has further deepened divisions in the party.

She believes state capture may take centre stage at the conference.

"There's no way that the ANC can have this important gathering and ignore the extent of state capture. We saw over the weekend that the Guptas have a list of travel details of high profile people. This gives us an idea of the influence of this family. The question is whose interests are being served? Sadly we don't know if the ANC will deal with this or this is all a front to deal with issues around people enriching themselves."

Brown says the ANC's Unity-in-Action slogan won't carry much weight if the party fails to address its problems.

She warns the governing party could lose control of the country.

"Everyone in the ANC knows that 2019 is not a done deal in terms of holding onto power. The problems are very real, the elected have already spoken in 2016 and false unity is not getting their act together. If the ANC doesn't clean up, from the bottom up, doesn't deal with the issues of state capture whatever leadership emerges in 2019 might control the party, but might lose the country."