Oscar Trial: A look at other houses of horror


Oscar Pistorius never returned to this Pretoria property after his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp's death. She was shot through a locked door in his bathroom on Valentine's Day in 2013. In March 2014, a lawyer for Pistorius announced he was selling the house.

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PRETORIA - The Pretoria house where Oscar Pistorius shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp is getting a facelift.

A mining consultant picked up the luxury mansion for four-and-a-half-million-rand earlier this year.

After some renovations, he&39;s decided to rent it out.

But what has become of other houses where brutal crimes were committed?

Let&39;s take a look at six so-called houses of horror.


Pretoria - Oscar Pistorius&39;s house 



The mansion where Oscar Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp was sold for millions earlier this year.

Pistorius hasn&39;t returned to the house since the Valentine’s Day shooting in 2013.

The property stood empty for 18 months.


Griekwastad - Steenkamp family murders




The Griekwastad farmhouse has been vacant  for more than two years.

A teenager killed the Steenkamp family here on Easter Friday in April 2012.

Now, a local farmer keeps livestock on the property, and a priest from Kimberley spends the odd weekend there.


Athlone, Cape Town - Taliep Petersen



The house where musician Taliep Petersen was killed execution-style in 2006 attracted several potential buyers.

One of them bid R1.8-million at a 2008 auction but the deal fell through.

Today, Petersen&39;s relatives live in the family home.


Kempton Park - Lolly Jackson



Cypriot George Louca was renting the house where strip club boss Lolly Jackson was gunned down in 2010.

Police found the businessman’s body riddled with bullets.

Louca is due to stand trial for Jackson&39;s murder next year.

And it appears the property hasn&39;t changed hands since 2010.


Bantry Bay, Cape Town - Judge Patrick Maqubela




Judge Patrick Maqubela was renting a luxury apartment in this block when his wife drugged and suffocated him in 2009.

His body was only found days later.

Estate agents say the block remains popular.

One of the flats was on the market recently for more than a million rand.


Springs - House of Horrors




This nondescript house in Springs became known as the &39;House of Horrors&39; in May this year.

A man allegedly held his family hostage here for nearly a decade.

The man and his wife are accused of assaulting and torturing their five children for several years.

After the couple was arrested, the property owner evicted the family for failing to pay rent.

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