Oscar trial unleashes media storm

PRETORIA - Moments after Oscar Pistorius pulled the trigger, a social media storm was unleashed.

Most of the online chatter came from beyond our shores with 3,5-million tweets sent since Valentine’s Day last year, making it the single biggest social media story in South Africa’s history.

Over 30 percent of Twitter chatter around Oscar Pistorius is in the USA.

A group calling themselves the Pistorians have emerged online. They are firm believers in Pistorius&39;s innocence, and members of this group have even attacked those who support Reeva Steenkamp with rape and murder threats.

Contentious tweets are not the only thing causing frictions online. Satirical songwriter Nico de Beer uploaded a parody music video onto YouTube.

Judgment will be handed down on September 11 but it seems Twitter has already made up its mind.

Studying the use of words &39;innocent&39; and &39;guilty&39; on Twitter over the last 100 days, there has been over 9,000 mentions for &39;Guilty&39; and over 5,000 for &39;Innocent&39;.

* eNCA reporter Yusuf Omar has more on this story. Watch the video in the gallery above.

The following charts from Data Driven Insight provide details on what people on social media are talking about in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial.