Aki Anastasiou launches TecHub on eNCA from 1 November 2020

TecHub airs every week on Sundays from 1 November 2020 at 17:30.


JOHANNESBURG - Aki Anastasiou, one of South Africa’s leading radio and TV personalities and avid tech lover, joins eNCA as the host of a brand-new technology and gaming show, TecHub.

TecHub airs every week on Sundays from 1 November 2020 at 17:30. Anastasiou is a renowned technophile and is highly ranked among Tech speakers in the country. He plans to simplify and expose viewers to the exciting world of technology and gaming. 

Technology is a part of our daily lives and in the time of Covid-19, gaming and tech has outstripped the movie industry from an interest perspective. In terms of revenue it is four times bigger than the movie industry and three times bigger than the music industry. With over 2.5 billion gamers around the world, the gaming industry is set to exceed $150 billion in value this year.  The local gaming industry is also growing exponentially, and gaming will be a massive focus on the new show.

Technology is changing how businesses operate, careers have evolved, and a new world of remote working has opened up. The creation of mobile applications has increased, gaming platforms have expanded, and ecommerce has exploded. Norman Muzhelele, Managing Director of eNCA says “Aki Anastasiou comes with great knowledge, experience, and credibility. We are excited to have him host the show and bring our viewers closer to the world of technology and gaming”.

Viewers will be encouraged to share their videos, capturing their experiences and challenges with technology on eNCA’s social media platforms. They can also follow Aki Anastasiou on Twitter @AkiAnastasiou.

TecHub airs on eNCA (DStv Channel 403) on Sunday, 1 November at 17:30.


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