Social media consumers affirm eNCA as their trusted source of news

It’s been two years since Covid-19 defined our new normal and news has proven to be a vital commodity in our daily lives.

Digital news has made it possible for the consumer of news to remain informed while allowing immediate and deeper engagement with news content.

eNCA has adapted and innovated during this period in order to remain relevant and has also raised the bar in the quality of its news content.

Currently, eNCA has 3.2m followers on Twitter, 2.6m followers on Facebook, 1.1m YouTube subscribers and over a quarter of a million Instagram followers. 

It’s the television news channel with the largest audience in the country, making it the channel of choice for the vast majority of news viewers.

eNCA journalists are at the forefront of every breaking story and are on the ground to ensure authentic news is brought to viewers on all of its platforms.

“Covid-19 made us more agile, focused and streamlined in our ways of working. The eNCA Digital team strives for excellence in delivering quality news content across an array of digital and social media platforms.

"When viewers follow us in such significant numbers and platforms like YouTube recognise our efforts, it spurs us on to do more for our viewers because they are at the heart of everything we do," says eNCA Deputy Managing Director, Vimla Frank.

The channel is vested in ensuring that it lives up to its promise of delivering news without fear or favour.

“eNCA remains free of bias in our news coverage and our team remains passionate, committed and dedicated to delivering quality news - be it on DStv channel 403 or on our digital and social media platforms. 

"It is heartening to see the explosive growth of our eNCA digital following as viewers catch up on news, watch breaking news unfold and engage more around the news stories we share 24/7,” elaborated Norman Munzhelele, eNCA Managing Director.


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