The Annual W-Suite Summit redefines the Era of The Empowered Woman


Women continue to leave a lasting legacy of inspiration and transformation.


SPONSORED -  The annual W-Suite Summit is set to take place this Women’s month on 18 August and will be livestreamed on social media.

The W-Suite platform was founded as a means for advocacy, dialogue, networking and action aimed at propelling women into positions of influence and leadership.

W-Suite is dedicated to highlighting women’s voices and perspectives, co-creating a new culture of gender parity and sustainable personal and socio-economic empowerment.

In celebration of Women’s Month, the W-Suite Summit, in partnership with Imperial Logistics, the JSE and Brand South Africa will be hosting a series of important discussions that investigate the nuances of “The Era of the Empowered Women”.

In the collaborative quest for gender equity, many high-achieving women find themselves having to make difficult choices that can be simultaneously empowering and overwhelming.

The summit aims to discuss the challenges of high-achieving women and the steps they can take to reclaim their agency and authenticity, while not jeopardising their leadership affinities.

Joined by influential speakers and notable panellists, some topics that will be addressed at the summit are “Reviving your Career”, “The Power of No” and “Transforming Men into Allies in the Workplace”.

W-Suite is confident that the summit will open up significant and relevant dialogues that not only aim to provoke the patriarchal status-quo but also engage in solution-based rhetoric designed to engender personal and professional growth; subsequently galvanising meaningful connections and productive networks.









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