Buying location-based ads? Ensure you can say I buy verified




SPONSORED - Sadly, transparency isn’t the norm in the digital location-based ad industry, and advertisers are left paying the price for unchecked claims made by service providers. If your location provider says your campaign is being accurately served to the right audience within a geofence, all you can do is take their word for it, right? Wrong!

You can – and must – ask to see 3rd party verification on every location-based campaign. Why? Because independent verification is the only way to know if your digital location purchase actually lives up to the provider’s accuracy claims. When location data isn’t accurate, you're targeting the wrong audience. Simple as that. This dilutes your message, and wastes your budget.   

Independently verified is a promise you can bank on

Unlike certain location providers, Vicinity Media has embraced verification. We’ve partnered with UK-based independent verification company Location Sciences, becoming the only independently verified location provider in South Africa. On every campaign we run, we consistently score 100% for location accuracy, placing us right at the top of the accuracy rankings globally.

How do we score 100% again and again? The magic lies in our 1st Party Location Data, which we source from the end user through direct integrations with leading publishers like eNCA. It’s the quality of this data that allows us to target at a world-leading standard. We can set laser-focused geofences that target relevant users right down to street level. Additionally, we layer accurate retargeting filters to ensure your message is directed only at those users who already have a degree of interest. We can also include accurate distance-to-offer messages directly in the banner, with proximity as an incentive for a user to act on your message. What we offer is a true location service rooted in proprietary tech that delivers true ROI. 

Kick-starting industry wide transparency

Every advertiser should be able to say #IBuyVerified, knowing that what they’re promised is what’s delivered. In fact, we feel so strongly about it that we're willing to foot the bill to kick-start industry wide transparency on location campaigns, in the hope that it becomes the norm.

Vicinity Media will pay for 3rd party verification on any digital location campaign, whether it’s our campaign or not. So, instead of taking accuracy claims at face value, you can take us up on our offer by visiting


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