How Fedhealth’s supercharged hospital plans give you more



SPONSORED - Unlike other hospital plans that only pay for hospital related expenses, Fedhealth’s flexiFED plans go further by covering you for a range of day-to-day benefits as well – no wonder they deserve the title ‘supercharged’ hospital plans!

Take a closer look at our unique benefits paid from Risk to save you money:

Unlimited network doctor’s visits

On Fedhealth, members can see their GP as often as they need on most options, by either visiting any network GP or a nominated network GP (depending on the option).

Post-hospitalisation treatment for up to 30 days after discharge from hospital

This means that following a hospital stay, your treatment like physiotherapy, x-rays or pathology is covered by Fedhealth, and not your day-to-day benefit or your own pocket. Excludes follow-up consultations with GPs or specialists, and is not applicable to myFED.

Take-home medication

Fedhealth pays for seven days of take-home medication when you’re  discharged from hospital. The medication must however be dispensed by the hospital, and must reflect on the original hospital account.

Specialised radiology

Fedhealth covers specialised radiology such as MRI and CT scans from Risk, whether it’s performed in- or out-of-hospital. A co-payment applies to non-PMB MRI/CT scans on all options except maxima PLUS. myFED does not have an out-of-hospital benefit for specialised radiology.

Trauma treatment at a casualty ward

On Fedhealth, injuries that require medical treatment like stitches or the setting of a fractured bone, are covered at a casualty ward whether you’re admitted to hospital or not. Authorisation must be obtained within 48 hours and a co-payment of R660 per visit for non-PMBs applies to all options except maxima PLUS.

Female contraception

Oral, patches, certain injectables, contraceptive rings as well as IUDs that include the Mirena® are paid for by Fedhealth. It must, however, be prescribed by a GP or gynaecologist and is not applicable to pills prescribed for acne. On myFED, only oral and injectable contraceptives are covered.

In-hospital dentistry for children under 7

We pay for dentistry performed in-hospital for children up to the age of 7. The hospital account and anaesthetist costs are paid from the in-hospital benefit while the dentist’s account comes from day-to-day benefits. Not applicable to flexiFED 1 or myFED.

Child rates for financially dependent children

On Fedhealth, you pay child rates for children who still depend on you financially, are unmarried and don’t earn more than the maximum social pension up to 27 years of age.

Upgrades to higher options any time of year

Life happens, right? So whether you are diagnosed with a serious illness, get married or discover that a baby is on the way, Fedhealth will let you upgrade to a higher option that better suits your needs within 30 days of your diagnosis or circumstances changing. Not applicable to myFED.

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