Laptops come out tops in new world of work


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SPONSORED - “The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another.” - World Economic Forum

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus completely changed the way we work and interact with friends and colleagues.

And while work-from-home solutions have been on the horizon for quite some time, the global health pandemic saw many companies scramble to make provisions for their employees to be able to work remotely.

Most companies acknowledged the importance of social distancing in limiting and containing the spread of the virus. This helped expedite the process of setting employees up to work remotely - however many organisations were caught unprepared or underprepared to cater for this new landscape.

A major concern for many a CEO in the current environment is to make sure that productivity and efficiency doesn’t suffer - but also to balance business unusual with employee wellbeing. To achieve the balance, a seamless workflow is non-negotiable - making the IT department more important than ever before.

In this new paradigm, laptops are no longer a nice-to-have - but a must-have for hybrid workers (those who share their time between the office and home).

As a market leader, HP recognises the importance of this mobile option to allow for flexibility and focus - and offers powerful, dependable products that’ll help ease the transition into this new world of work.

HP laptops such as the Elitebook 1030 with the Intel® Core™ i7 Processor easily provides the most flawless and efficient workflow systems in the computer tech industry around the world. HP products are developed specifically with modern-day work and IT requirements in mind, for example:

  •  HP laptops help to streamline IT remote services and support management without stopping current processes.
  •  Users benefit from the agility, versatility, and power of HP laptops, like the Elitebook 1030.
  •  Remote workers benefit from professional work tools in their own homes.
  •  The technology allows for a real time exchange of ideas and creative team workflow.
  •  The technology developed for HP laptops allow you to be more efficient without even trying.
  •  It also includes safety features that function together to ensure a resilient, always-on security force.
  •  Virtual collaboration is further driven by long battery life and superior sound quality.

Investing in the highest quality technology for remote workers not only contributes to

productivity, but offers a further return on investment in the form of employee satisfaction, heightened morale, less frustration, more innovation, and collaboration amongst teams.

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