Make your mental health a priority in 2022

Is your mental health at the top of your list of resolutions for the new year?

Is your mental health at the top of your list of resolutions for the new year?

SPONSORED - We’ve all been through a lot over the past two years. Adapting to strange new working environments, feelings of isolation, a lack of human connection, job insecurity and fear of Covid-19 infection has severely affected our mental health. Siphokazi Parirenyatwa, Disability Claims Manager at Momentum Corporate, says one of the best New Year’s resolutions you can make is to prioritise your mental health.

Mental health claims are already 9% of Momentum Corporate’s disability claims and are predicted to spike in the future. Research from Momentum Corporate shows these added pressures are taking a toll on our lives and our businesses.

“What happens in our work environment, whether at home or in a physical office, eats up our mental bandwidth. The reality is that our work stresses are not good for our home lives and not good for the companies we work for. It’s a lose-lose situation all round,” says Parirenyatwa.

She says Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions continue to aggravate these effects, leaving us feeling more and more vulnerable – physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. “As the end of the year approaches, many of us are running on empty and at risk of burning out after yet another challenging year.

She adds, “If we do not take care of our mental health, it could easily result in a disability.” Here is some heartfelt advice to improve your mental health:

• Establish a regular sleep routine.

• Stick to a regular exercise timetable.

• Make time to do things you enjoy.

• Limit social media.

• Live in the now as this is all you can control.

• Establish a healthy work-from-home routine.

• Reach out regularly to people you care about.

• Be kind to yourself.


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