Play your day-to-day, your way




SPONSORED - All medical aid options consist of two parts: your hospital cover and your day-to-day benefits.

Fedhealth’s flexiFED range is no different, but what is unique is that our members have total control over how they structure and utilise their benefits.

All flexiFED options come with a generous day-to-day allowance called the “MediVault”, but how you use this allowance is completely up to you.

Only Fedhealth gives you not one, not two, but three different ways to use and pay for your day-to-day. Let’s take a look:


1. Use it as a supercharged hospital plan only

Our flexiFED 1, 2, 3 and 4 hospital plans are based on your life stage and family composition. flexiFED 1 is perfect for young, healthy people who don’t plan on having kids anytime soon, while flexiFED 2 and flexiFED 3 offer young families and growing families generous maternity and childhood benefits, and flexiFED 4 takes care of the more comprehensive needs of mature families.

We call our flexiFED hospital plans ‘supercharged’ because they offer so much more added value than their competitor counterparts.

Apart from terrific hospital cover, our flexiFED plans also give you extra value by paying for benefits like unlimited cover for female contraceptives, unlimited cover for trauma treatment in a casualty ward (with a co-pay), unlimited cover for MRI/CT scans (with a co-pay), 7 days’ supply of take-home medicine post-discharge, 30-day post hospital benefit, unlimited network GP consults and dentistry.

Certain flexiFED plans offer even more built in day-to-day benefits for things like optometry, maternity, childhood benefits and mental health… all at no additional cost to the member.

Rich in-hospital cover PLUS built in day-to-day benefits: it’s so much more than what your average hospital plan offers.

So if you’re young and healthy, you probably don’t need extra day-to-day savings.

You can use your flexiFED option purely as a supercharged hospital plan for when things go seriously wrong… and that’s all you’ll ever pay for.


2. Use it just like any other savings option

There’s nothing new here – this is medical aid as you’ve known it for years, and like every other medical aid scheme does it… At the beginning of the year, we give you your entire day-to-day benefit savings, and you pay for all of it.


3. Use some of it, and only pay for that portion

Choose this route if you want mostly a hospital plan, but like the idea of having flexible savings in case you need them.

By using your day-to-day benefits only when you need them, you’ll only pay for the portion you use. Different from other schemes, you get to choose how much savings you want.

Think of this as a day-to-day safety net. The funds are there for you in case you need them, but you only pay for the funds you request us to add to your cover.


To build your own medical aid option and save with Fedhealth, please visit, or talk to your broker or HR.



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