SPONSORED: Overcoming the Corruption Pandemic


Brand South Africa in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation hosted a continental focused online conversation to address key transparency issues that have led to systemic and grand corruption and addressed major factors that drive illicit financial flows out of Africa.

SPONSORED - At a time when Africa needs the solidarity of its citizens and the international community, there have been reported cases of misuse of Covid-19 relief funds in several African countries including South Africa.

In Somalia, four health officials have already been jailed for misappropriating funds. There have been further cases in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda - all relating to government officials trying to enrich themselves at the expense of society.

In the aftermath of the #ENDSARS protests in Nigeria, warehouses were vandalised and tonnes of food items were taken by citizens across the country. These food items were intended to be distributed nationwide to alleviate the effects of lockdown. During times of crisis, Africa needs international solidarity to support its own efforts. However, transparency and accountability are critical to ensure that relief funds are not misappropriated.

On International Anti-Corruption day 2020, the Nelson Mandela Foundation in partnership with Brand South Africa hosted a continental-focused online conversation. The discourse aimed to address systemic and grand corruption and the key issues that have resulted in the illicit funneling of funds.

This will serve as a platform to combine the voices of noted African anti-corruption activists and talents who reach the broader African society. The aim is to highlight the importance of transparency and accountability, its impact on citizens' trust, and its potential to erode continental solidarity.

A multinational panel featured a host of African voices on anti-corruption. These dialogues were broadcasted online to a broad audience across Africa and target policymakers through key influencers - amplifying messaging on social media platforms.  

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