SPONSORED: Snapshots from my Heritage by Hyundai


SPONSORED - In celebration of the beautiful diversity that Heritage month highlights, Hyundai invited 3 of their friends to reflect on the power that heritage holds.

Manthe Ribane, an acclaimed artist, designer, musician and muse, Damn Vandal, a Graffitti artist, illustrator, and graphic designer, and Craig Jacobs, creative director of award-winning ethical label Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs, each share unique lenses on heritage, and how they use their past to inspire their future, and in turn their art.

The creators are each paired up with a Hyundai car, and given the challenge to create something for it that they feel evokes a part of their own heritage. As they start to conceptualise these creations, past memories are brought to the surface that inform their car accessory in beautiful and unique ways.

Each creator takes us on a journey into their world to give us a snapshot into their creative process. Manthe takes us to NIROX, in Krugersdorp, where we listen in on a conversation between her and Tammy Fraser. They collaborate to create a beautiful car fragrance which celebrates the power of scent and memory.

Craig Jacobs takes us to the Rosebank Craft Market, in Johannesburg, where he celebrates his passion of using one’s hands to create. He collaborates with local crafters, such as artisan, Fortune Moyo, and local makers to create an incredible seat cover bag, which has many hidden surprises.

Shaun Jacobs take us to his work station, in his home town Durban, as he starts to design his edgy polaroid frame and camera. These designs are informed by his memories of road trips he took as a child, and the emotions linked to these journeys.

Three cars, 3 creators, 3 unique lenses on heritage. #HyundaixmyHeritage

We are taken into the creative worlds of Manthe Ribane, Craig Jacobs, and Damn Vandal. Watch as they give us a snapshot from their heritage, and finally show us what they are making. #HyundaixmyHeritage

Manthe Ribane, Damn Vandal, and Craig Jacobs show off their beautiful creations which give unique lenses into their heritage and their individual talents as South African artists #HyundaixmyHeritage


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