SPONSORED: Your loan taken care of when life – and COVID – happens


Credit life insurance can also settle your debt.


SPONSORED: You may not know this, but there is a way to keep up to date with your installments, or even settle your debt when life happens.

Every day seems to bring with it more uncertainty about what COVID-19 may hold for our financial future. Credit life insurance can help ease the anxiety.

Did you know that if you’re retrenched or unable to earn an income, your installments will be taken care of for up to 12 months? That’s up to 12 months to focus on your job hunt. If you’re temporarily disabled, the same benefit is paid out.

What’s more, if you have an Absa Gold Value Bundle or Premium Banking account you get up to R10,000 deposited into your bank account for the unexpected expenses that arise when you lose your job.

Credit life insurance can also settle your debt. Absa takes care of your debt when you become permanently disabled, suffer a critical illness (like a stroke or heart attack) or pass away.


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