Rattle and Hum: Your Joburg quake experiences


The morning after Julius Malema confronted President Jacob Zuma demanding Zuma "pay back the money" spent on security upgrades at Nkandla, an earthquake hit Gauteng. Though unrelated, tens of people on social media jokingly connected the two events.

JOHANNESBURG - News of an earthquake early on Friday, 22 August has prompted a range of social network responses, from the comic to the serious.

"I felt it while studying," Siyabonga Siya Siyaboni said on eNCA&39;s Facebook page . "At least I knew what was happening this time around."

Emmanuel Sibiya said he was also studying when the quake struck. "It disturbed my studying," he wrote.

Moses Maphalala said he felt the tremors while sleeping. He jumped from his bed and went through the door quickly because he was scared. 

Some eNCA readers jokingly connected the natural event with a confrontation in parliament yesterday between Economic Freedom Fighters&39; leader Julius Malema and President Jacob Zuma. 

The National Council For GeoSciences confirmed the quake clocked 3.8 magnitude on the Richter scale, but one Twitter user shared an image of Malema with different (incorrect) Richter scale numbers.

Selaelo Lamola wrote, "That was Zuma trying to strike Malema with a lightning. Unfortunately he has mistakenly chosen an earthquake when buying a lightning. It wasn&39;t his ... intention."

"It&39;s due to EFF vs ZUMA yesterday," wrote Mashudu Ndou. 

(On Thursday, 21 August in the National Assembly, Malema had asked Zuma when the president would pay back the millions of rand spent on security upgrades to the president&39;s Nkandla residence.)

Soon after the tremors and well into Friday morning people relayed their quake experiences with eNCA via social media. 

Michelle Grobelaar from the National Council of Geoscience said the quake hit Carltonville at 01:14 CAT.

"After that, there were several aftershocks," council seismology unit manager Grobbelaar said.

She said no deaths had been reported. 

- Additional reporting by SAPA.

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