DEVI | 01 April 2021

Dashed hopes, Broken Dreams:  The Brian Barrett Story

He claims to be a high-flying mining investment broker but his alleged victims, who forked out millions have been left with debt and shattered dreams.   Investors claim that they fell for Brian Barrett’s deals because he was a smooth talker, who used industry lingo to convince his backers that he knew what he was talking about.  The Devi Show picked up on his trail and discovered that despite being investigated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, Mr Barrett didn’t think he had too much to worry about.


Thinking of getting some ink?  You’ll be lucky to find a spot in the appointment book of one of this country’s most popular Tattooists.  South African A-listers wear his ink, and now his skills have been recognized by a US reality television series - this self-taught artist could soon be making his mark on the other side of the world.  Meet Ink Boy Que.


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