Devi | 18 February 2021



Nearly four million South African pensioners, who slogged and saved, some for decades, have yet to see a single cent.  It’s money which was meant to keep poverty from their doors during retirement yet, many died penniless leaving beneficiaries asking where the money went?  Some of the cash, it’s being alleged, is being held by pension funds which, due to poor record keeping, have been unable to trace recipients.  And despite the best efforts of whistleblowers, civil society and activists, little has been done to unlock these funds.  We ask - why are fund administrators seemingly making profits off the poor?


South Africa’s top eSport gamer, Thabo Maloi, known as ‘Yvng Savage’ has been scoring his way to the top.  After winning the title of South Africa’s top FIFA player on Sony Playstation – at just 19, Thabo pocketed a cool R400 000 – not bad for somebody who only got serious about the game in recent times.  Now, he is the first Red Bull eSport athlete in the Southern Hemisphere – proving that this eSport gamer is now officially recognized as cool!


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