Devi | 8 Days in July & Mini Miss | 07 July 2022



Described as some of the darkest days of our fragile democracy, those fateful eight days in July last year not only set our country alight, burning billions of rands in assets but also resulted in over 300 people losing their lives. It’s a time we want to forget and wish never happened, but lessons have to be learnt. A year later, we look back with journalists and political analysts to make sense of the mayhem. Are we as a country living dangerously on a knife's edge and what are the chances of us finding ourselves in a state of anarchy again?


Krugersdorp’s Grade 5 scholar, Reatlegile Tlhabi is the new Mini Miss Africa! Our smart, savvy and sassy beauty recently snapped up the crown in Uganda and at just ten years old, she’s just getting warmed up. With over a hundred pageant titles to her name, this multi-talented dynamo’s tiara collection would rival that of the Queen of England except – she won it all, fair and square!


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