Devi | The Artists | 16 December 2021


It’s been another tough year with lots of ups and downs and to mark our “make a plan” attitude, #TheDeviShow brings you highlights of some of the most unusual people (and past-times) we’ve featured on the show.


Artist, Mbongeni Buthelezi “paints” in plastic. It was all born out of necessity – as a young artist, art supplies were out of his tiny budget, so he had to super-hype his creative side and …. wallaaaah – the idea or turning waste into art was born. Today, the prolific artist’s work fetches good money and hangs in boardrooms and art galleries throughout the world.


Chelsea Keta calls herself a shape shifter. This is because she uses her body and face as a canvas to transform into anyone she wants to be. Her illusions are mind-blowing - and her cosplay is almost better than the original - no wonder she has been recognised as one of Tik Tok's top 100 voices.


Frosted cupcakes - raw honey - exotic fruit - these are not ingredients for a recipe – these are the props in photographer Christy Strever’s delectable food selfies. Using her face as a canvas, she gives us a taste of what’s in her head (and on her face) in her unique photographic style.


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