Devi | Beauty School & Aerial Art | 29 April 2021



With money too tight to mention and a worryingly high unemployment rate, many are attempting to learn new skills and start their own businesses. Enter Excellence Beauty Touch – a training academy with five branches across Gauteng. Their aim? Give South African women the skills needed to start their own beauty salons. Noble intentions but … according to some of their students, the entire exercise was nothing but an opportunity for the owner to loot while they were dumped with a worthless certificate which carries no credentials.


Imagine chucking it all up for a small aircraft and spending the rest of your life flying around the world, taking pictures, making aerial art? As crazy as that sounds, that’s exactly what photographer Jay Roode and her pilot husband, Jan did! Accepting that their corporate jobs no longer brought them joy, they sacrificed some of the finer things in life and took to the skies, capturing startling images of our beautiful continent from an angle not many people get to see.


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