Devi | Bright Sparks and Tasty Face | 19 August 2021


Amid Covid fears, many parents have turned to smaller independent schools. Enter Yaseen Ismail, principal of the newly established Bright Sparks Academy in Ormonde in Johannesburg. With promises of individual attention, the school opened its doors in April last year to more than 30 learners from Grade R all the way to Matric. But irate parents found out too late that there were no qualified teachers after Yaseen seemingly did a runner – added to that … the school was not registered to operate with the Education Department – #TheDeviShow gets to the bottom of this sorry mess.


Frosted cupcakes - raw honey - exotic fruit - these are not ingredients for a recipe – these are the props in photographer Christy Strever’s delectable food selfies. Using her face as a canvas, she gives us a taste of what’s in her head (and on her face) in her unique photographic style.


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