Devi | Cafe2Go and Lady of the sword | 03 June 2021


Café solution provider, Cafe2go has left dozens of investors high and dry through an alleged “flipping” pattern where successful franchises and their owners are dumped after dubious audits. The franchises are then re-sold to new owners, at seemingly higher prices while the original owners are left, fighting for their investments. Meanwhile, in the background, Cafe2go has been liquidated but the recruiting is still going on ….


There’s something quite beautiful and almost balletic about fencing. It’s a sport which conjures up romantic scenes from the movies, where princes fight for the hearts of princesses, while dragons breathe fire in the background. Movie scenes aside, I discovered that fencing is an art …. a physical art with lots of leaping and lunging - Nomvula Mbatha is South Africa’s top female sabre fighter – she taught me a few moves and gave me a few muscle cramps at the same time!


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