Devi | Calling Telkom & Legendary Hair | 23 September 2021


Charged monthly instalments for contracts that should have been cancelled, billed for data services they did not ask for, on debit dates they did not agree to – customers complain that signing up for Telkom services, has ended in tears.  And with a Telkom customer care department that doesn't seem to care all that much, consumers say there seems to be little they can do to get their queries resolved.

The Devi Show investigates why, for some people, terminating a Telkom contract is no different to going through an unnecessarily lengthy and messy divorce.


At the age of 14, Sheldon Tachell asked his parents for a hair clipper.  For Christmas. That’s when it all started. Today Sheldon’s fades and shaves are as legendary as he is. With over 52 barbershops under his hat, join The Devi Show as we cut and trim our way into the world of high-end barbershops.


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