Devi | Card scams | 29 July 2021


Since the launch of the show – in June 2020 – The Devi Team have managed to avoid the virus – but if you’re watching this show, it means that we have had to take a short break to give team members a chance to recover from Covid-19. But, we couldn’t leave you high and dry – so we pre-recorded this episode – one, we are extreme proud of … Financial crime costs the economy billions and criminals are always finding innovative ways to syphon money while keeping their hands clean. Desperate South Africans have been complicit in money laundering by naively selling their bank accounts and personal information to cyber criminals for a small fee, oblivious to the long-term repercussions. Following a tip-off from one of our viewers, The #DeviShow picked up the trail of a money mule recruiter and found ourselves slap bank in the middle of this dark crime.


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