Devi | Career conman and a feminist fine artist | 10 March 2022


There are some people, who somehow keep coming back into your life. Career conman, Brad Bilton is one of them. Back in 2015, following an investigation, Devi was there when Brad was arrested for fraud. At the time, there were a myriad of cases stacked against him and Brad went to jail. Fast-forward to 2021 – Brad had been released from prison and reached out to Devi, insisting he wanted to set the record straight, on camera. #TheDeviTeam fired up our laptops and phones. Brad, it seems, was a leopard, who couldn’t change his spots.


Feminist Lebo Thoka has taken art to a new level. The freelance fine-arts photographer and artist fights gender-based violence in the only way she knows how - through her portraits. At just 25, her work has been recognised internationally but she not only creates the art – she’s in the art.  


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