Devi | Cino 2 and Cherry Picked Locations | 03 February 2022


In a Devi Show expose in October, we uncovered the deceit of one man who declared himself a qualified clinical psychologist – freely giving media interviews and counselling. We unpeeled the layers of his life, and discovered an entire existence based on deception. Tonight, we dig even deeper and make even more shocking findings.


What goes on behind the scenes in movies, commercials and even our own show would fascinate viewers.  So, this week we give you a sneak peak at the world of locations – it’s an actual job.  Location scouts are the people who go hunting for everything including palatial mansions and RDP houses to coffee shops and industrial spaces … locations are big business.  And the cherry on top?  Look around where you are at right now … that’s a location which means, you can also cash in!


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