Devi | Delmonico & Chelsea Keta | 16 September 2021


Covid-19 has placed an extra-special significance on celebrations – the marking of birthdays, weddings, christenings – have either been skipped, or many have opted to grab gaps in-between lockdown levels to celebrate important milestones. Enter Delmonico Bell, an event’s organizer from the East Rand who promised to take away all the stress from his clients – instead, according to them, he ruined what should have been one of the happiest days of their lives.


Chelsea Keta calls herself a shape shifter. This is because she uses her body and face as a canvas to transform into anyone she wants to be. Her illusions are mind-blowing - and her cosplay is almost better than the original - no wonder she has been recognised as one of Tik Tok's top 100 voices.


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