Devi | Dr Fuel and Trevor Stuurman | 30 September 2021



He's a medically trained doctor who claims to have made it big in the world of petroleum - wheeling and dealing his way to riches. But many businessmen who have had dealings with Dr Mahendren Munsamy, allege his wealth and apparent success is built on fraud and other people's money. We investigate how he allegedly made off with millions for fuel and why he's currently in the dock for a massive R300 million bank guarantee fraud case - committed a decade ago.


It’s hard to pin down the many talents of trailblazing photographer and styling supremo Trevor Stuurman. Beyonce, Naomi Campbell and Barack Obama …. all feature in his portfolio. He’s made the Forbes top 30 under 30 list and, #TheDeviShow thinks we’ve uncovered his secret … nothing gets him in a spin … he just gets on with it!


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