Devi | Dr Teeth & Boys in heels | 14 October 2021



Everybody wants a perfect smile. But, behind a dazzling smile is a set of perfect teeth – pearly white, even and aligned. Most of us are not born with it. You’d have to pay for that. Enter Dr Johannes van Staden, a dentist based on the east rand. He promises smiles for days at a knock-down price. But his braces allegedly keep falling off and months later, teeth are no straighter than when the process began. We sit in the chair and discover that Dr van Staden has wiped the smiles off many a face.


We meet a man who peers through microscopes during the day and dances in heels at night. During his work hours, he is a hydrogeologist, wrapped up in a lab coat and safety glasses – exploring his deep interest in how water moves through soil and rock. When the sun slides into bed, he swaps his safety boots for super high heels. Meet George the scientist …. or is it Lebo Molax – founder of Boys in Heels RSA.


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