Devi | Eurobride 2 & Riaad Moosa| 25 November 2021



In October 2020, #TheDeviShow was tipped off by our viewers – Eurobride, an exclusive and well-established bridal store, based in Johannesburg had shut shop and disappeared into the night - taking deposits and scores of wedding dresses. Fast forward a year and following a tip-off, we discover that one of Eurobride’s former directors (and face of the company) – was quietly back in business. We go undercover and lift the veil.


Riaad Moosa is the doctor of comedy. Literally. Born into a medical family, this curative stepped up to stand-up while he was completing his medical degree at the University of Cape Town. But, after practicing medicine for a few years, the young doctor made a bold move … he hung up his scrubs and switched to stand-up. It was the right move – today, the award-winning comedian, actor and writer is about to launch the sequel to blockbuster, Material.


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