Devi | Fake sick notes & Soweto weightlifting | 12 May 2022



Fake sick notes are a booming business – we’ve all heard stories about certain doctors are willing to cash in on lies. Following a tip off from one of our viewers #TheDeviTeam went undercover and visited Dr Naresh Mohanlal who practices on the West Rand. We wanted to see if the rumours were true and if the good doctor would give us what we wanted. Turned out … not only were we able to buy sick notes, Dr Mohanlal was also happy to blindly sign medical certificates for professional driving permits.


A South African weightlifting champion has certainly pulled his weight when it comes to getting Soweto children to do their homework and stay out of trouble. Khati Mabuya's Lifting Dreams - a Soweto weightlifting club which focuses not only on how much you can lift but what your grades are too.


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