Devi | Follow ups and Refilwe Ledwaba | 10 November 2022


When it seems like the price is too good to be true – it usually is. Tidee Air Fryers were such an excellent offer that thousands of South Africans were ordering them online. But not many of them got to use them in their homes. Constant delays, stock held up in ports or still on the ships - the excuses were endless. We interviewed Matthew Blunden CEO of Tidee in March this year – he promised that the air fryers would be delivered, or customers would get a refund. But had Matt jumped from the fat into the fryer … sizzling new excuses coming up.


How would you know if the second-hand car you have your eye on has been in a massive accident? Well, you wouldn’t! The reality is that nobody wants to buy a car which has been involved in a crash. But how would you know? Without any kind of accessible data base for consumers to refer to, these vehicles often find their way back to the market or the showroom floor. We discovered that the data base is in existence but not accessible for the public. We gave the South African Insurance Association a few months to provide feedback. It’s been almost a year.


We met the infamous Richard Mansour as the multi-skilled CEO of HF Technology. We heard he was the go-to guy for all things security and power – so solar panels, alarm systems, CCTV cameras – yep – he’s the man. He was also the man who took deposits and didn’t follow up on his promises. It’s almost a year later and despite being arrested for fraud in March his name is still appearing in social media scam alerts. This time as the managing director of the Coretech Group.


Shaahid Tar Mahomed – the swindler who charmed his victims into handing over money thinking they would get a good return on investment. He denies it all, and says his victims are the ones fabricating stories. And after the last broadcast of The Devi Show, more victims reached out. But in a shock twist, one of the victims may not be who she seems to be.


Refilwe Ledwaba’s career took off when she applied to be a cabin attendant on a local airline – a few years later, she had qualified to fly the plane. But that wasn’t enough for this inspirational leader - she soared to become South Africa’s first black female helicopter pilot. Her success motivated her to advocate for girls’ education and youth development in the country - we caught up with this pioneering aviator just before she took off on her next adventure.


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