Devi | Forex and Moonchild | 05 August 2021


He pretended to be a high-flying forex and investment broker - promising colossal returns. In the process, he reeled in hundreds of investors and millions of rands, hoping to make a quick buck in a pandemic. But … the promised returns never materialised and the investments, which he guaranteed to be safe, have done a duck. We do some old-fashioned investigative work and tracked down 29-year-old broker, Dean Wolmarans and asked the awkward questions.


Moonchild Sanelly – the self-proclaimed president of the female orgasm is a 33-year-old Port Elizabeth born singer with blue hair … which she patented. And, so begins the extraordinary story of a young South African outlier who is constantly re-inventing herself and sharing international stages with stars like Beyonce. #TheDeviShow hooks up with Moonchild and discovered that this megastar has never missed a beat!


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